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First wedding of 2015!

On Saturday 24th Jan, we performed our first wedding of 2015 at Avington Park in Hampshire. We played in a beautiful 17th Century building surrounded by picturesque countryside and big blue peacocks.

We arrived very early so killed most of our time exploring the grounds and chilling in one of the many bedrooms within the mansion. We even found a vintage keyboard in one of the drawers (circa. 2010)

Yes this is an original Hannah Montana keyboard (with microphone) as demonstrated by Mr. Eddy White

There was also a very lovely four poster bed which Eddy and Greg didn't waste any time taking advantage of. Not to mention the luxurious chaise longue for Sam to sit on whilst mixing some tunes. I think he wants one of these for his recording studio.

The gig went amazingly well, we even did an impromptu version of 'Summertime' with one of the guests, who is a very talented Italian musican (not very 80s I know but we can occasionaly take our hairspray out and play a bit of cool Jazz).

Thanks to Ashleigh and Justin for booking us and to the owners of the house for letting us fill this 17th Century building with 80s hair rock!

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