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'One by One' vintage wedding

Last Saturday (7th March) we did our vintage setup at a wedding in a lovely big vintage style pub/hotel in Somerset.

As we have just set up a page on the 'Great Scott!' site dedicated to our vintage band 'One By One', we thought we would show you what it is we do.

Like with 'Great Scott!', we like to get into the whole vintage vibe and dress for the occasion. Here is Rach and Eddy during a break.

We decided to set up a video camera at the back of the room to capture some of our performance of the night. Here is a little montage of some of the songs we played on the night. We especially liked the efforts of one drunken lady singing along to 'Firework' towards the end of the clip.

We played 2 x 40 minutes of vintage style music and 1 x 40 minutes of electric, leaving everybody in (and full of) great spirits.

We also recieved this lovely testimonial from the bride and groom:

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